Create Multi-touch Applications with the Microsoft Surface SDK 2.0 for the Evoluce TWO

With the Microsoft® Surface® 2.0 SDK, you can easily create applications to take advantage of the Evoluce TWO 46” true multi-touch display.

Development platform that delivers familiarity and innovation opportunity:

• Build upon Windows 7, NET 4.0 and WPF 4.0 and integrates with Visual Studio 2010
• Benefit from consistency in experience across Windows 7 devices with multi-touch controls
• Develop multi-user, multi-touch interaction unique to Surface 2.0 – innovative experiences that excite users and customers

Easy to use tools and resources you need:
The Surface 2.0 SDK includes controls, API, samples, and documentation to create applications for the Evoluce TWO

The Evoluce TWO 46” offers true multitouch and gesture control on a brilliant Full HD LCD horizontal screen. 3D depth-sensing technology in combination with the intelligent MIM 3.0 multi-touch software unleashes exciting possibilities for a multitude of multi-user applications.

The slim display-design enables large interactive installations in many areas like office, retail, digital signage, exhibitions, gaming, museums, medical applications and education. With a depth of less than 18.5 cm the unit is easily integrated into horizontal spaces or may be used as a stand-alone table.

Minority Report is now reality!

Evoluce presented at the RTT Excite a “Minority-Report”-like software for the Microsoft Kinect sensor. Objects on the screen can be dragged and dropped by simple hand gestures in the air. By closing his hand the user grabs and object on the screen can move around. By using the second it is possible to zoom and rotate the object. Precise finger tracking via the Kinect 3D-sensor allows to manipulate not only objects but also icons, images and videos on the screen. Multi-touch applications can be controlled by both hands and gestures of the fingers without touching the surface of the display. This natural user interface software enables also finger- and hand-tracking of multiple users at the same time. A huge variety of applications in gaming, consumer electronics, office, education, point of sale and medical systems can be controlled by touchless gestures in an intuitive way.

Multi-Gesture SDK for Kinect™/Asus Xtion Pro™/ PrimeSensor™

Evoluce will release a commercial SDK that will support developers to create natural user applications with a controller free experience. The SDK is based on OpenNI and can be used with Kinect™ / Asus Xtion Pro™/PrimeSensor devices. It offers
• gesture module supporting finger gestures, push, zoom, rotate, drag & drop
• enables tracking and gesture recognition of both hands
• visual feedback: picture/animation/video
• “multi-touch” application control, e.g. Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7
• API´s: Windows 7 multitouch, TUIO
• mouse control
• skeleton tracking based on OpenNI™

Finger Tracking with Kinect integrated into I-VOLUCE Display

The 46″ gesture control display I-VOLUCE with integrated 3D-sensing technology is a great tool to present innovative software. Users can control multitouch apps with finger gestures.

Microsoft Surface Globe multitouch app is controlled by finger gestures in the air on the I-VOLUCE LCD with integrated 3D-sensor

Multitouch apps controlled by finger gestures on the I-VOLUCE LCD with integrated 3D-sensor

Air Presenter, Sotouch, controlled by gestures on the I-VOLUCE LCD with integrated 3D-sensor

PowerPoint controlled by finger gestures on the I-VOLUCE LCD with integrated 3D-sensor

Vistable Software on the Evoluce TWO

Die Software VisTABLE®touch schafft einen Rahmen für die kontinuierliche Verbesserung Ihres Produktionssystems und unterstützt bei folgenden Aufgaben:

Werks- und Layoutplanung
Umsetzung der Ergebnisse aus Wertstromanalysen

Hier ein kurzes Video beim Einsatz auf dem Evoluce TWO.

Multitouch via 3D-depth sensing

The new Evoluce TWO works with a 3D depth-sensor above the display. This allows to detect multitouch events on the glass surface of the 46″ Full HD LCD. The shape and position of objects on and above the surface are recognized. The Evoluce TWO is based on a professional NEC public displays (P461). Find further information on the Evoluce website.

WIN&I tutorial

Please take a look at the video (English and German version) to learn more about WIN&I and its functions.

Connect the Xbox Kinect sensor with your PC, place the sensor above or below your screen and start your WIN&I gesture control session. The software will recognize you when you wave one hand by moving your forearm left and right or simply push your hand forward.

- Precise gesture control software for Windows 7 and applications up to 4m from the screen
- Mouse functions replaced by movements of hand
- Quick-Move-Function for comfortable operation
- User can move and walk around during gesture control interaction
- User in control will not be interrupted by other people in the room