Online Store for Kinect for Windows Software

Thousands of users donwloaded Apps for Kinect for Windows from our Online Store so far. Our applications are easy to install and to use. Just upload your images, videos and powerpoint presentations and control them with simple hand gestures. All you need is a PC and the Kinect for Windows sensor. As the only Kinect for Windows hardware partner we offer gesture computing solutions that combine multi-touch on monitors up to 84″ with touchless gesture control software. Our transparent LCD panels present your products behind the screen with a great effect, especially when you interact with moving content on the display via gestures.


Transparent LCD Displays – The Future of Retail

See-through LCD panels can be integrated into store windows, display cases, billboards, and more to make static words and images more kinetic. Products can be placed behind a clear screent that shows advertising. Transparent LCD panels are a tool to make your advertising more dynamic Evoluce presents the future of retail space with a transparent LCD panel that can be used to dramatically enhance kiosks, store windows, and billboards with text and images that do fancy tricks like rotate and fade in and out rather than just sit there. Think bus shelters with see-through walls displaying scrolling schedules and clothing shop windows that feature models sashaying down the catwalk.

Transparent LCD

WIN&I Media Viewer for Kinect at the Toshiba World 2012 Event

Evoluce presented in cooperation with Toshiba and Microsoft the new WIN&I Media Viewer for Kinect for Windows at the Toshiba World 2012 event.

Visitors were able to browse through image and video galleries of Toshiba´s and Microsofts latest products by a simple wave of a hand. WIN&I Media Viewer is one of the first professional applications for the Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor.

WIN&I Media Viewer for Kinect for Windows is now available

WIN&I software by Evoluce uses the power of Kinect for Windows. You can browse through image and video galleries by a simple wave of your hand. WIN&I Media Viewer for Kinect for Windows tracks gestures from several users up to four meters from the screen.

Take a look at pictures of your latest holidays or present videos at the office. Experience a new way to interact with your PC and control your PowerPoint Slides and PDF pages on any large format display with Kinect for Windows.

Just load your images and videos and start WIN&I Media Viewer for Kinect for Windows.

Download WIN&I Media Viewer for Kinect for Windows here.

- Present Images, Videos, PowerPoint Slides, PDF pages
- Natural user experience
- Easy to control with simple hand movements
- Easy to install

Evoluce Press Release

True multi-touch with 6 and 32 touch-points for almost every monitor

Every display could be easily turned into a Multi-touch monitor. With standard sizes from 32” to 65” almost every display could be provided with a touch frame and converted in a full-value Multi-touch device. Evoluce offers two different Touch-point options: 6- and 32-Touch. The so called “Ghost Points” are eliminated through complete Touch-point coverage. The Multi-touch Overlay from Evoluce is easy to install and offers a convenient 4-points calibration.

Customized Applications for Samsung SUR40

Interactive 40” Multi-touch display with object recognition of Microsoft® Surface®

The Multi-touch display with object recognition – Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface 2.0 – delivers a holistic user experience. It enables users to use hand and finger gestures to interact with a variety of multimedia contents. In addition, object recognition allows users the ability to place a number of objects on the surface to trigger different types of digital responses.

PixelSense™ allows an LCD display to recognize fingers, hands, and objects placed on the screen, including more than 50 simultaneous touch points. With PixelSense™, pixels in the display see what’s touching the screen and that information is immediately processed and interpreted.

Object (Gesture) Recognition
One key feature of the SUR40 is object recognition; which recognizes wireless devices placed on its surface, along with the digital content contained. By using object recognition software, SUR40 can detect multiple objects on its surface to trigger different types of digital responses. SUR40 also enables users to use hand and finger gestures to interact with a variety of multimedia contents.

Powerful Embedded System
The product uses the embedded AMD Athlon™ II X2 Dual-Core Processor 2.9GHz paired with AMD HD6750M GPU featuring DirectX® 11 support to deliver significant processing horsepower and outstanding graphics capability. Show your graphics at their optimum with the extremely fast and powerful AMD Radeon™ HD 6570M desktop graphics card. Together with four built-in 5W speakers, the Samsung SUR40 will deliver a fully immersive user experience.

Installed with four USB ports, you can expand the capabilities and increase the versatility of the Samsung SUR40. The USB ports allow you to connect any USB capable peripheral, such as bar code scanners, video cameras, laptops and printers; to create an even more powerful business solution. It is also designed with the latest in Bluetooth technology and Ethernet capabilities, rounding out a more comprehensive and powerful network.

All-in-one True Multi-Touch systems in 22” and 32” with built-in hardware

Evoluce´s new Multi-touch displays Evo22 and Evo32 are all-in-one systems enabling interactive applications with integrated, powerful hardware. Several users can touch the display surface simultaneously and experience for example product worlds more intuitively.

Evo22- the ideal solution for Digital Signage applications at POS
The Multi-touch system Evo 22 is a powerful 22 inch all-in-one multi-touch display and the perfect tool to optimize sales and consulting processes. The compact devices with small installation depth may replace existing DS-installations with interactive solutions. The systems operate with daylight insensitive capacitive touch-technology known from smartphones and tablet PCs. The integrated Intel hardware (Core i7-2600) offers plenty of power for demanding applications. Evo22 has a completely plane surface without frame and is perfectly suited for the integration at the POS or as self-checkout system.

Evo32 – Multi-user and 3D applications for business, research and museums
The Evo32 solution is a fully integrated 32” Multi-touch system using projected capacitive technology. The innovative plug & play devices may be used as standalone system or integrated into counters and desks. Inside the very compact system powerful Intel hardware (Intel Core i7-2600) allows even demanding applications like Multi-user or 3D to run smoothly. Daylight insensitive projected capacitive technology offers comfort and low latency (<10ms) touch recognition, as up to date only seen in mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. Evo32 from Evoluce has a completely flat surface making it the ideal solution for POS-integrated applications.

Evo-Systems are available as standalone, wall mount, kiosk, built-in into desks or console. The Evo-Series works smoothly for example with Microsoft Surface apps and standard Linux Multi-touch applications.

Your solution provider for standard and customized applications
As solution provider for Multi-touch applications Evoluce offers value added through all-round consulting on Evo-systems and tailor-made windows7-based software solutions. Get in touch to inform about our service packages and products for Multi-touch and Gesture Control applications.

Evoluce SDK for Kinect released

The Evoluce SDK for Kinect and Windows 7 is now available and enables developers to create noncommercial applications with a natural user experience. The SDK uses depth sensing information like human motion tracking from devices like the Microsoft Kinect sensor and Asus Xtion Pro. Users will benefit from easy and intuitive applications in areas like events and exhibitions, education, digital signage and healthcare. The free Evoluce SDK for Kinect can be downloaded today here !

The Evoluce SDK includes high-quality technical documentation and several samples like the demo application “Motor Sport”. This sample shows how users can navigate through a menu and control images and videos by simple hand movements. Users can take control by waving the hand as long as they are within the range of the sensor that allows controller-free interaction up to a distance of 4.5 m. The demo application can be downloaded at

The Evoluce SDK for Kinect, which works with Windows 7, includes drivers and rich APIs for natural user interfaces, installer documents and resource materials and is powered by NITE and OpenNI. The Evoluce SDK provides capabilities to developers building applications with C++, C# using Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010.

Evoluce will release a commercial version of the Evoluce SDK for Kinect at a later date.

True Multi-touch & Gesture Computing Displays for Vertical Installation

All models are vertical screens with Full HD LCD display quality in sizes ranging from 32”-82”. The series offers three options. The advanced slim display-design is ideal for large interactive installations. The I-VOLUCE Series can be easily mounted and used for areas such as: Business, Office, Retail, Digital Signage, Exhibitions, Gaming, Museums, Medical and Education.

I-VOLUCE M – Multi-touch

The units fast response driver software detects up to 6 or 32 touch points simultaneously. It supports full multi-touch functionality of Microsoft Windows 7 and all standard interfaces.Our LCD’s scratch-resistant glass provides premiere haptics to guarantee a smooth interaction.

I-VOLUCE G – Gesture Computing

The integrated 3D depth-sensing technology replaces the computer mouse by tracking simple gestures from users up to 4m from the screen. It includes the WIN&I software which opens up a new era in PC interaction. Windows 7 and thousands of applications can be controlled with this natural user interface. In addition to WIN&I, free demos are as well included. Custom software solutions created by Evoluce in combination with the Kinect sensor enable controller-free interaction.

I-VOLUCE MG – Multi-touch & Gesture Computing

A unique hardware and software package that combines the advantages of controller free gesture interaction with precise touch screen technology.